Can I send the gifts in bulk?

Can I send the gifts in bulk?

Yes, our app can send eGifts to 1000s of people without you lifting a finger. Please get in touch with us here and we'll set this up for you.
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    • We need to send gifts regularly, can we pay in bulk?

      Sure. You don't need to pay for each gift as you send it. You can pay once a month or after each batch, as you choose. Please get in touch with us here and we'll set this up for you.
    • What is the Add to Account option when sending the gifts?

      If you have an active Wallet with us, then you can just send gifts by selecting the 'Add to Account' option and pay in bulk monthly or in batches. If you need to activate your Wallet, please get in touch with us from here.
    • How can I save my gifts as a template?

      Right now, this functionality is only reserved to admins. If you'd like to save your gifts as a template to send multiple times, then please reach out to and we'll set this up for you.
    • How to send a gift?

      1. Choose from 100s of templates here or create your own 2. Personalize your digital greeting with photos, messages, gifs and videos. 3. Choose how many trees to gift 4. Enter Recipient details and send Recipients will receive an email linking to ...
    • Where do I see the gifts I've sent or received?

      You can see the gifts you've sent and received from the Your Gifts dashboard here. You'll also see your saved templates here. You can get to this page from the main ForestNation dashboard here, by clicking on the My eGifts link on the left side menu.