Do the tree kits require a temperature controlled environment?

Do the tree kits require a temperature controlled environment?

Tree kits should be kept in a cool dry environment. 
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    • Can the tree kits become moldy or diseased?

       If the tree kits are kept in a cool dry environment, this will not happen. If you see mold developing once the trees have grown, check out this help article for advice on what to do.
    • Can we custom design the tree kits?

      Yes, the tree kits can be customized with your branding, message and design. Get in touch here to learn more.
    • What tree species do you use in the Tree Kits?

      We select tree seeds depending on the country, and we take seed/planting zone requirements into consideration. Typically we select seeds that can survive more than 8 to 12 months inside the tree kits without being germinated and seeds that are easy ...
    • Are Tree Kits environmentally friendly?

      Yes. All our Growing Kits are environmentally friendly. In fact, every element is either biodegradable or compostable.
    • Where can I order tree kits to gift?

      You can visit our shop to order trees to gift to your friends, family or coworkers. Choose from over 100 designs for all ocassions. We plant 10 trees for every tree you gift! If you want custom design tree kits, get in touch here.