How do you calculate the impact of the trees?

How do you calculate the impact of the trees?

A tropical tree absorbs 50 pounds of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide per year. This is a weighted average because trees have low CO2 absorbing capacity in their early years, peaking as they gain maturity and then slowing down as they grow older. O2 created is 4 times CO2 sequestration number and we plant 1000 trees per hectare as a general reforestation best practice (based on information compiled by Trees for the Future & ThoughtCo). 

With regard to Hours created, it takes 68 hours for 1 person to create 10000 tree seedlings. Then approximately 1 hour per day to maintain every 1000 seedlings. For tree kits, it takes our Tree expert 8 hours to prepare 1000 kits with locally sourced seeds.

Growing this forest also has a branching impact on the environment. For every 10,000 trees planted at least double that will germinate naturally within 5 years providing for generations to come.

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    • What are giving trees?

      You get giving tree points as kudos for helping to plant trees in someone else’s forest. This all adds to your overall impact ans shows on your Forest profile through Forest messages that connect you to the forests you plant in.
    • Who plants the trees?

      We work closely with our local tree nurseries to ensure bests practices are followed. They use agroforestry techniques where trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland to increase natural reforestation and biodiversity as nature ...
    • Where are the trees planted?

      We plant in the forests of Tanzania, Haiti, Kenya and more. All our Tree Planting Projects create sustainable livelihoods. All the trees absorb CO2, offset carbon emissions and contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You ...
    • When are the trees planted?

      It takes 8 to 9 months for tree seedlings to be prepped for plantation. Different species are stocked up and made ready for planting during favorable seasons. For example, our Tanzanian nursery plants from March to June and October to December.
    • What is a forest profile?

      Your online Forest profile shows your impact from planting trees on ForestNation. You can customize your profile with your profile pic etc and encourage others to plant with you in your Forest.